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Experience the unique vision of one of the United States preeminent glass artists with works by Linda Ethier Art Glass. Since founding the studio in 1969, An innovator celebrated by critics and her fellow artists alike, Linda Ethier's 45 years as a practicing glasswork artist has garnered her private and public recognition as a true pioneer in her medium.

Featured in public spaces and private collections alike, Linda Ethier's installation work is distinctly recognizable, capturing all of the beauty and nuances of her materials in breathtaking details and aesthetic allure. Now, Linda Ethier is sharing her gifts by making a selection of her work available for public sale.

Rich in color and texture, and deeply complex in her imagery, Linda Ethier's distinct creations are both intricately detailed, as well as immediately striking. Explore a selection of Linda Ethier's current work or visit her contact page with any questions you may have regarding a specific piece's availability or your idea for a commissioned project.

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2846 NE Glisan Street
Portland, Oregon 97232

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