Linda Ethier
The Perfume of the forestSeed RemembersToo Soon GoneMaple Nest
New Moon VesselBeneath My BreathIf I Let You OutOak Nest
Early FrostSudden FrostQuiet SongAsh and Bone
NestsForest NestsHatchlingsSticks and Bones
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Pate de Verre

Pate de Verre

My latest series is an exploration of memory, of things forgotten and remembered, discarded and re-found.

I use images of things gathered and cherished since childhood; feathers, fallen leaves, bones, egg shells, twigs, and the odd mysterious trinket saved as treasures to be seen and pondered during quiet moments; the inconsequential detritus that connects us to the enigma of existence; objects when viewed that evoke long forgotten memories.


2846 NE Glisan Street
Portland, Oregon 97232

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