Linda Ethier
Origin of StarlightOrigin of Starlight, backCalling the WindThe Gift
A Taste for Light and AirThe Mask reveals the ManBefore DawnCircling the Queen
An Unknown ManEntering EdenFlight from the Court of JoyWandering in Eden
Golden VesselCrossing Moving WaterTwilight DreamThe Insistent Garden
Treasury of SilenceAn Unknown Man
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Pate de Verre


The Portals series explores the interface between states of being - conscious & subconscious, waking & sleeping, life & death, everyday life and Ecstasy.

Specifically, this work is about the moment of transition, transformation, metamorphosis, that millisecond in which we experience the flash of "Knowing" after which nothing is the same.

The shape, the pointed arch, has been used universally to create a sense of "sacred space," a meditative environment apart from worldly concerns. Used as entries into cathedrals, they both mark and facilitate the transition between daily life and the sublime.

"The images and symbols in the pieces appear to me fully formed. I come to understand them only after they exist and, as with dream images, they have multiple interpretations. The arrows, for example, can symbolize danger, aggression or protection, or are they directional? pointing the way? Then, of course, there are Cupid's arrows. Is it just coincidence that arrows and eros sound alike?"


2846 NE Glisan Street
Portland, Oregon 97232

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